Your surroundings should stimulate, engage and restore you.

Inspiration is everywhere. Beauty is easily discovered in the everyday rhythms of life. I find it in the unabashed boldness of a flower, the enveloping comfort of a cashmere sweater and the vibrancy of new surroundings.

The power of art is in its ability to encourage us to pause, if even for a moment.  This leaves a space for rumination and appreciation to happen.

Crafting an object by hand is a noble pursuit.  To me, a handcrafted object is the manifestation of one person’s hopeful efforts to bring joy to another. It’s an unmistakably intimate connection.

Contrast defines through difference. It is an extraordinary gift. It enables us appreciate the complexity of individual beauty.

Perfection is overrated. Imperfection is what intrigues... It challenges our preconceived notions and engages our mind. It reminds us of who we are and those we love.

Sensory perceptions are everything.  The eye is stimulated by elements that are different, unusual and unexpected. Sometimes it’s a dash of color in a surprising place.  Often it’s a texture- thoughtful detailing that draws your sense of touch into play, enticing you to run your fingers over its uneven surface.

Timelessness is not only a matter of style, it is also physical state. I use semiprecious stones, precious stones, 18 karat gold and sterling silver in my jewelry not only because they will touch the skin, but also so that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Nonessentials are essential. Jewelry exists solely to make you feel good. How wonderful is THAT?

Imperfection is what intrigues....