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diamond trellis studs
diamond trellis studs and ring stack

Trellis Studs

diamond gold coral ring
diamond gold coral ring

Coral Ring

From $7,495.00
diamond and gold trellis ear cuff
diamond and gold trellis ear cuff

Trellis Ear Cuff


Connecting through craftsmanship

Created under the fingertips of artisans, handcrafted objects convey a sense of hope, heritage and humanity. They express the warmth of a caress, and share the best of who we are.

Dorian Webb Lifestyle

Celebrates Elevated Living
Whether it’s a special occasion, or the luxury of feeling the sun on your skin, Dorian Webb believes in the importance of savoring life's moments that matter. Personal talismans of joy extend those moments for years to come.

Supports Communities
African American. Women. Art. Just a few of the communities Dorian Webb has actively supported through charitable contributions and donor partnerships. Why? Because a vibrant, thriving world benefits us all.

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