Creating connection is why design jewelry. I love how a thoughtful piece makes the wearer feel even more beautiful, and is able spark a conversation, years after it was purchased. Ideally, whether using silver or gold, semiprecious or precious gems, jewelry tells the story of who you are. It not only marks our meaningful moments, but also communicates what brings you joy.

Bespoke, or custom, jewelry is an intentional expression of love - whether for yourself or someone else. I always enjoy the process of working with clients one-on-one to hear their stories of what has inspired them to create a one of a kind piece. The challenge of trasforming memories, declarations and hopes into jewelry that can be worn every day is one that thrills me.

Recently, I was asked to design a necklace to celebrate the 80th birthday of Heather Jones' mom, Cherry. After conveying Cherry's sense of style, her importance to her family and her community, Heather sent me a few photos of her mom. Playing with her granddaughter, always with a gorgeous smile on her face, she embodied happiness.

Over the course of a few weeks, I shared sketches and then a model of a pendant based on these feelings and impressions, guided by Heather's remembrances. Virtually, I worked with Heather to select gems that reflected Cherry's radiance. After reviewing images and videos of the necklace with Heather, we shipped the pendant to Cherry in time for her birthday. With her 18k bespoke necklace that incorporates an opal, Cherry's birthstone, surrounded by XX brilliant cut diamonds, we included a handwritten note describing our process and the meaning behind the gift. We also enclosed a card with personal birthday message from Heather, who later in the week, accompanied by her daughter and husband, suprised her mom with a visit.

Inspired to make your own, one of a kind statement piece? Contact me. Let's create something special for you in time for the holidays!

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