I have long been a fan of Heath Ceramics’ timeless dinnerware and was honored to be selected as a featured artist to create jewelry for their 2020 Winter offering, Love and Hope. This collection is a notable departure for the company, both aesthetically and philosophically. The stoneware, which features a glossy finish that coaxes snowy white into daffodil yellow, mirrors the seasonal transition from winter to spring. It also reflects our tumultuous times, and the brave expectation for a better future.

The idea of our favorite objects marking our present condition immediately resonated with me. The same desire fueled the development of my latest conversation driven pieces: The I VOTE cuffs, HOPE rings, and a soon to be released Black Lives Matter bracelet.

The pieces I designed for Heath are in some ways, also a departure for me and my work. In addition to incorporating faceted citrine to give depth and sparkle, and sterling silver as a foundation, each piece uses several layers of transparent and opaque enamels to achieve a gradient effect. The multiday enameling process is a slow and deliberate one where liquid enamel is applied with a watercolor brush, and each layer must dry completely between applications.

I like to think that this process, like any meaningful change, is one that comprises many smaller, almost imperceptible actions that eventually lead to an altering of perspective. The resulting jewelry, with its ombre’ of color and undulating surfaces, captures the transformational nature of the present moment and shares a wish to move forward in love and hope. 

Collection available  11/24/20.

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