This season, fashion is all about individuality and self-expression. The most appealing looks are a beguiling mix of hues, textures, and silhouettes that can be creatively combined and enhanced with bold, statement-making accessories.



Above: Link ear cuff in sterling silver and two-inch locking cuff in Argentium silver 

Above: Tightrope earrings in sterling silver with green quartzes and prasiolites, and Butterfly floating ring in green quartz

Above: Kristin earrings in sterling silver and rose quartz and Mary ring in sterling silver with amethysts

Above: Strip cuff in sterling silver with red quartzes

Above: Trellis ear cuff in 18-karat yellow gold with diamonds

Above: One of a Kind tricolor earrings in sterling silver with prasiolites, handcarved tourmalines, and emerald quartz


Photography: Katie Lovecraft
Styling: Nichole Kreglow
Hair & Makeup: by Sterling Andrews
Model: Alana Burns

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